Our pillars

We want to help provide the children with a learning environment that promotes their creativity , movement and self-efficacy . Our XXL building blocks are specially designed for this and offer numerous opportunities for educationally valuable activities.

  • Creativity

    By building with bygge bricks, children can let their creativity run free and implement their own ideas. They learn to solve problems creatively and to look at things from different perspectives.

  • Movement

    bygge bricks promote movement in children by stimulating them to move and build courses and balance. This helps the children to improve their motor skills and develop a better body awareness.

  • Self-efficacy

    bygge bricks offer children a chance to experience their self-efficacy by creating their own work and being proud of it, but also learning to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Building with bygge bricks can also help to develop children's self-confidence and independence.

Do you have bigger (construction) plans? We're happy to help:

Game ideas for the KiTa


  • Let the children build their own creations out of the bricks and then present them to the other children.
  • Ask the children to build animals or objects out of the bricks and then tell stories about them.
  • Encourage children to create their own puzzles or games with the bricks and then share them with others.


  • Have the kids work in a team to build a long line of bricks, then run back and get another brick to extend the line.
  • Ask the children to recreate different shapes or buildings out of the bricks and then complete them in time.
  • Give the kids a challenge, like building a maze or a castle.


  • Let the children design and build their own stone buildings or structures.
  • Encourage children to create their own rules for playing with the bricks and then share them with others.
  • Ask the kids to solve their own problems and overcome obstacles to reach their brick goals - like building a step to get to higher things.

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We understand the importance of a nurturing and inspiring environment for children's development. Our high-quality bygge building blocks have been specially developed to promote children's creativity, mobility and self-efficacy.

Our XXL building blocks are not only toys, but also valuable educational tools. They invite the children to let their imagination run wild and create their own worlds. This not only promotes their creative skills, but also their problem-solving skills.

The promotion of exercise is the focus at bygge. Our building blocks enable children to build courses, overcome obstacles and playfully improve their motor skills. This not only results in fun games, but also in increased self-confidence.

Self-efficacy is an important part of child development. With bygge building blocks, children can implement their own ideas, overcome obstacles and be proud of their successes. This not only promotes their independence, but also their ability to take on challenges.

We are proud that our bygge building blocks are produced in Germany and meet the highest quality standards. Discover now how our building blocks can enrich learning and playing in your kindergarten. Together we create an environment that inspires, encourages and supports the children.