Mit bygge Selbstwirksamkeit erfahren

Experience self-efficacy with bygge

Everyone has reached their limits at some point and has found that they cannot implement something, at least not right away. In the world of children it happens every day because there are always firsts.

But we all know that indescribably good feeling when something works after all, or finally works after several attempts. This form of euphoria can be transferred to many areas of life - finally, for example, my employer listens to me and implements my suggestion.

What does this feeling have to do with bygge? We want to actively promote and support the self-efficacy of children. Stack them on top of each other and bring them down - through this seemingly simple game with building blocks, even the smallest children learn an incredible amount about their own possibilities of action. I can do that. Again and again. Forever.

As parents, we often tend to want to give our children ideas for games or to have a precise plan of what our little ones should play at the moment. On the other hand, we want independence and our own ideas. It is primarily through building that children experience planning and the consistent implementation of an idea. They perceive that they can (help) shape their environment and thus have an influence on it.

With the wide range of possible uses of bygge, we want to support children in their willpower and strengthen their belief in themselves. Yes, you can do it! It's not always easy for adults to give up control, but the use of bygge shows us again and again that "different can still be right" and that new game ideas can develop directly from this. Our game suggestions offer all kinds of ideas for different age groups.

Even our children were disappointed when they couldn't implement a construction manual directly 1:1 or didn't understand a game immediately. The sparkle in your eyes when it finally worked? Priceless.

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