About Us

Hey, we're bygge!

We are a family business founded in 2022 and we have made it our goal to develop a durable and high-quality toy that can accompany children for years. We have developed and carefully tested our building blocks in collaboration with our own 4 children (1-5 years old).

With bygge we want to promote children's creativity, mobility and, last but not least, self-efficacy. Quality and transparency are very important to us, which is why we produce 100% in Germany, pay attention to the shortest possible supply chains, recyclable materials and do not use plasticizers or other additives.

bygge is Danish and means "to build".

The idea for bygge came to us on a rainy and rather cold autumn day. The children fell on their heads and we adults dreamed of vacation, just getting out again.

When we were looking for a suitable holiday home for our little rascals, we got stuck in Denmark. The rain didn't let up and our children's patience was at an end. We started to come up with the wildest ideas to keep our kids busy - it was supposed to be something with movement, but the little one wanted to build something. Why not both? Boredom can trigger the greatest spurts of creativity. We made a parcours out of cardboard, and at the same time creative cardboard houses were built. So it happened as it had to: T he afternoon passed without booking a vacation, but with the first idea for our building blocks.

On this cozy, rainy day we spent a wonderful family handicraft afternoon - countless sketches were made, paper and cardboard prototypes were made and finally the first bygge building block was born. As a reminder of this nice cozy (hygge!) afternoon, we deliberately chose a Danish name and Danish product title.

We are already looking forward to the next family holiday in Denmark - it can be nice and cozy. And it doesn't matter if it rains - with our building blocks we are well prepared for all weather and moods. 😊