Mit bygge Kreativität fördern

Encourage creativity with bygge

Developing the imagination can be so simple. The fewer ready-made toys lying around, the more your own creativity is required. Even in kindergarten, the building corner has always been the little ones’ favorite place. Here you can let your creativity run free, because it is uniquely stimulated by the reflection on simple geometric shapes. But also through specific construction instructions or suggestions, children can better understand connections and implement instructions in the course.

What comes automatically through building? The development and promotion of important skills from which we benefit throughout our lives:

  • Building with blocks provides important experiences with gravity and statics.
  • Children make their first experiences with units of measurement and relations.
  • Dealing with different shapes by stacking and plugging building blocks trains spatial imagination.
  • Children's imagination is more stimulated when the forms are less elaborate, because this requires the abstract imagination, which is required at school at the latest, when children are supposed to learn arithmetic or engage in other abstract thought processes.
  • Building and constructing trains both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as patience, perseverance and precision.
  • Children who regularly play with building blocks do better at school with mathematics (Swiss study).
  • The children's curiosity is awakened or kept awake through building.
  • Building stimulates curiosity and the urge to explore.

bygge enables all children to play extensively – the older the children get, the more precise the building plans become. Simple towers become castles and knights' fortresses, everything that is within reach is included. This is not a ceiling, this is the roof of our house, an architectural masterpiece!

Through the unique combination of creativity and learning factor, we have developed a toy with bygge that will become a companion for years to come. Our own children surprise us every day when they come up with a new game idea. Because let's be honest, nobody really thought about "catch the ball" when developing our stones.

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