Mit bygge für Bewegung sorgen

Get moving with bygge

"When I grow up" - children want to grow up as quickly as possible in order to conquer the world. A tower of blocks taller than themselves is a good start for the next step.

While playing with classic building blocks mainly takes place on the floor, with bygge we have created a product that enables children to play in large spaces.

Children's imaginations often have no limits, as we have found time and again in the development and testing of our prototypes. The basic idea was to develop large building blocks with which the most diverse building plans can be implemented by stacking and plugging. As soon as the first prototype was delivered, it became clear that our children see a lot more in the product. From the obstacle course to a balancing course to various games, they always came up with new ideas. We have adapted our bricks accordingly and can now say that we do not just sell XXL building blocks, but a product that actively encourages children to move. Due to the insulating material of our stones, they can also be used as outdoor toys and thus open up many more play possibilities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued very clear recommendations on how much exercise children should have at least during the day. (Example: Children aged 3-4 should be physically active for at least 180 minutes a day. Fast running, cycling, ball games, swimming or dancing are concrete suggestions here). The reality is often different, especially when you don't have a clear overview due to external care, or the little ones are playing "so nicely" on the floor. Due to the countless possible uses of bygge, a movement is given at any time during the game with our product. Due to the relatively large size of our stones, children are dependent on physical activity when using them. In the last few months we have observed that the game "catch the ball" made the time fly, especially among the 4-6 year olds, and the children were exhausted and satisfied afterwards.

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